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Málaga is one of the best cities in the world to live in and visit, it is, by right ,the capital of the Costa del Sol. Thanks to massive investments by private enterprise, local authorities and regional government, Málaga enjoys an infrastructure second to none. The high speed train takes thousands of passengers daily to and from Madrid in less than three hours, dozens of cruise ships are dropping anchor in the harbour every month and many companies are planning to make Málaga their permanent base. All this coupled with it’s near perfect climate, beautiful beaches, great eating places ( traditional, modern and ethnic), world famous museums and superb theatres and of course the many festivals (from religious to jazz to film and book) guarantees that whichever month one decides to visit Málaga there will always be something exciting happening.

Costa del Sol
A quarter of a million Northern Europeans cannot be wrong. This is a conservative estimate of how many Europeans have chosen to live on the Costa del Sol. To this number we must add those that own a second residence and so spend long periods of time here. Then there are the tourists, millions of them, in lesser or greater quantities depending on the time of the year. Over sixty golf courses, each one more beautiful than the other, fantastic skiing facilities in the Sierra Nevada, children’s attractions from water parks to wild life parks, dozens of exciting shopping centres and of course hundreds of miles of beaches and a great night life. With over 300 days of sunshine, its mild winters, reasonable cost of living and two and a half hour flight to most European capitals, the Costa del Sol comes up as the preferred place to be – according to every market research carried out in Northern Europe.

Alhaurín de la Torre
Travelling south from Málaga airport to Torremolinos on the N340 you will find a sign for the C344 to Churriana, simply follow that road and within few minutes you will be in Alhaurín de la Torre. Taking advantage of its proximity to Málaga the town has grown to a population of over 30.000 people. Large tree lined avenues, lots of fountains and facilities for bicycles and pedestrians as well as good schools and sport facilities have made this town a favourite with young middle class Spanish families, who commute to the provincial capital for work and enjoy a superb quality of life in their free time.

Alhaurín el Grande
Nestling on the north side of Sierra de Mijas 27km from Málaga and 20km to the airport and the Costa del Sol beaches Alhaurín el Grande boasts two golf courses within 4km of the town centre, good social and health facilities and it is attracting a large number of Northern Europeans who prefer to live away from the hustle and bustle of the Costa del Sol. Alhaurín el Grande’s main industries are construction and agriculture, so it is not unusual to see a large part of its 23.000 population heading for the building sites on the coast early in the morning. The town with its many restaurants and bars comes alive in the early evening until the small hours of the morning.

Only 8km from Alhaurín el Grande, Coín is in the heart of the Guadalhorce Valley and has for years been at the centre of the agricultural industry in the area. Land Registry, Courts of Justice and many other regional administration offices ensure a continuous daily flow of visitors to the town which is famous for its two ferias and an amazing New Year’s Eve fancy dress street party. In recent years a large number of Northern Europeans have made Coín their place of residence prompting the local council to appoint a special councillor to help them to integrate into the local community.

Monda and Guaro
These stunning white villages with populations of just over 3.000 and 2,000 respectively are is only 20 minutes’ drive from Marbella which makes it an ideal location to live if you are planning to work on the coast but want to enjoy the lifestyle of tranquil and sleepy Andalusian white village.

Mijas Pueblo
Seven kilometres from the coast nestling comfortably in the mountain side at 430 metres above sea level, enjoying spectacular views over the Mediterranean and Moroccan coast and a population of just over 8.000 people, Mijas is without a doubt the prettiest of Andalusian villages. The council boasts an efficient foreigner’s department helping with the many needs of those who do not speak Spanish. Mijas pueblo has proved such a tourist destination over the years that an annual international festival held in June attracts tens of thousands of people to it representing every nationality of the world.

Strategically positioned by the Guadalhorce River, Cártama was a very important Roman town for many centuries and when the empire declined so did Cártama. In recent years the building of the technological park in Campanillas and it’s proximity to Málaga (only 10km away) have revived Cártama’s fortunes. With a new provincial hospital now open as well as a specialised industrial park for agricultural products, the economic future of Cártama is assured.